Shelf Life: Excite Games

By March 10, 2015News

Paul Whitfield, manager of Guisborough-based retailer Excite Games, tells MCV about what titles
have been selling well, how hardware has been performing since Black Friday and his online strategy.

How’s business been recently?

It’s been good. We had a great Christmas, and now it’s starting to pick up with some of the new releases that are coming out.

What have the big sellers been for you? 

Well we’ve got Dying Light coming out, which was delayed, and we have a lot of pre-orders for that. And The Order did pretty well, too. Oh, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse looks like it will do decent numbers. We have quite a few orders for that. It’s the big, well-known ones. And zombie games always do well.

How has your hardware been selling recently?

They’re not selling too badly. It’s pretty close between the PS4 and the Xbox One now, but sales have quietened down since Christmas. Black Friday probably reduced sales after that period. And in the New Year it’s just been quieter in terms of hardware sales.