Video games at the Olympics

By December 9, 2015News

Competitive video gaming – known as e-sports – should be included in the Olympic Games, the creator of World of Warcraft has told the BBC.

Rob Pardo, who until July was chief creative officer at Blizzard Entertainment, said “sport” now had a broad definition.

“Video games are well positioned to be a spectator sport,” he told Afternoon Edition on BBC 5live.

Professional e-sports events currently attract audiences of millions.

A recent major final held in Seoul, South Korea, filled a stadium of 40,000 people – with many more watching either online or at meet-ups around the world.

“There’s a very good argument for e-sports being in the Olympics,” said Mr Pardo, who was also lead designer on Starcraft: Brood War, a game often credited with kickstarting the e-sports phenomenon.